Civic Innovation is an agile and groundbreaking non profit organization based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Our mission is to solve real-life problems so that everyone can shape their own life and future.

We are disrupting the way social and technical Innovation is created, tested, and validated. We minimize risk and maximize learning.

The result of our effort is an ecosystem of products and services in three areas:

Skillshare Learning, Online Learning
1. Mobile Micro Learning.
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2. Assistive technology with expertise in autism and ADHD.
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3. Ai & Machine Learning

What we are working on right now

Mariko-digital assistant

We are developing a unique digital assistant that helps people on the autism spectrum and with ADHD to organize, plan and prioritize what’s important in life. Mariko helps you to manage life's challenges, reduce stress and anxiety and become more independent.

AutismEd-Mobile Microlearning

We are developing a Mobile Microlearning (MML) platform to create, find and distribute accessible digital courses that contribute to greater awareness and participation around neurodiversity.

With the AutismEd-platform, we want to connect people on the autism spectrum with curated courses that prepare them for meaningful work life.

ICF CoreSets-platform for autism and adhd

Together with Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet (KIND) and selected partners we are developing the ICF CoreSets assessment platform. The ICF CoreSets assessment tool to map functioning in children, adolescents and adults with autism (ASD) and/or ADHD. Assessment results are presented in a clear and dynamic manner, providing grounds for a better understanding of an individual in its environment. The ICF CoreSets tool is based on the World Health Organization's (WHO) classification system International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). ICF is a globally accepted system for assessment of the following areas of function: Body functions, body structures, activities and participation, environmental factors and personal factors. It is considered standard practice and is recommended by national and international organizations and guidelines.

Fritidsinfo-culture and leisure guide

Fritidsinfo is Sweden's leading cultural and leisure guide for people with disabilities. On Fritidsinfo you find different types of leisure activities, events and coll thing do regardless of ability to fuction.

What to know more about

The Civic Innovation Sprint.

From problem to solution, fast. Together we create, test and validate your idea without wasting time and money.

Civic Innovation Training program.

Learn everything you need to facilitate your own innovation workshops to get things moooving.

Mission model innovation.

Build, test and validate sustainable economical models for collaboration and growth.

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