Civic Innovation is an agile and groundbreaking NPO based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Our mission is to disrupt the way social and technical innovation is created, tested and validated.

We don't have the right solution, we have something better. A proven process to help you find it.

Together with our peers we solve real life problems so that everyone can shape their own life and future.

We create, test and validate hypothesis to minimize risk and increase evidence. We develop sustainable models for collaboration and growth.

The result of our effort is an ecosystem of product and services in three areas:

Skillshare Learning, Online Learning
1. Mobile Micro Learning.
black smartphone near person
2. Assistive technology.
woman with red and black face painting
3. Ai & Machine Learning

Our services

The Civic Innovation Sprint.

From problem to solution, fast. Together we test and validate your idea without wasting time and mone.

Civic Innovation Training program.

Learn everything you need to facilitate your own innovation workshops.

Mission model innovation.

Minimize risk and increase evidence. Create value for your members, organization and society.


This is a secret project, soon to be live.

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